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  1. I think the website is excellent, clear and easy to navigate; the pictures are a good representation of the village.

  2. Hi Kally / team

    Have just received a consultation leaflet from the VoWH for house planning between now and 2031 which shows no plans for development in Blewbury (good news!). Is it possible for your team to explain how a Blewbury development plan would sit alongside the Vale plan? I’m all for a village plan if it keeps random development away and gives us control but wouldn’t want to end up encouraging new builds if it isn’t necessary. Thanks

    • Hi Lucy, thanks for your question which is really pertinent. We are working on our plan in conjunction with representatives of the district council who come to Steering Group meetings to ensure our plan dovetails with what the Vale are wanting to achieve. The plan hopes to achieve many things, one of which is exactly to control where development goes. However, as you rightly point out the issues go much deeper than just this. I forward your message to our committee and respond with a more considered answer.

    • Hi Lucy, please find herewith the BNDP committee’s response:

      Yes, it is the case that the Vale’s Part 1 plan is not currently proposing any large scale development in Blewbury. However we will need to study the full draft when it comes out tomorrow (7 November) and also Part 2, which covers Blewbury, when it is published next year.
      At present it seems that virtually all of the Vale’s housing requirement is covered by planning consents already granted and the sites referred to in their consultation leaflet.

      As to our plan, it will certainly be consistent with the Vale’s proposals and in fact form part of the statutory development plan for the area. It will set out detailed development policies for Blewbury based on the overall views of the community. It will certainly not recommend more development than required by the Vale unless that turned out to be the wish of the village.

      As we have already seen in relation to the site off the Woodway Road there is nothing to stop an opportunistic developer from applying for permission to build in Blewbury prior to the Local and Neighbourhood Plans being finalised. However, the closer these plans are to being finalised the more weight they will have with the planning authorities.

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