The Plan has been submitted!

We have now updated the Plan as a result of the consultation with the village and statutory bodies. All the feedback received was constructive and the few changes made have strengthened the Plan. Thanks to everyone who commented! It has now been submitted to the Vale along with its appendices.
We have also prepared two additional reports that are required: one sets out the overall consultation process and the other explains how our plan fits in with the policies of the Vale, UK planning laws and other regulations.
Our documents page has the current versions of all the relevant documents.
We now have a further 6 week consultation period in which comments and objections to the Plan (if any!) can be registered with the Vale – it runs from 16th June to 28th July. After this an inspector is appointed and all being well we hope that the final step, a referendum of the village, will take place in late summer or autumn. Assuming a majority vote in favour, the Plan will be “made” and form part the Development Plan for the District, with equivalent status to the Vale’s Local Plan.
It is quite a process but we’re nearly there! Thank you once again for your support and encouragement.
The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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