About us

The members of the Steering Group are all volunteers. Some of us volunteered at the first meeting on 24 September 2013. At this first meeting we heard that a neighbourhood plan should enable us to decide where development should take place and the nature of it. Everyone would be entitled to a view, as part of the process of collecting evidence to support the plan.

Other people volunteered later as they became aware of what we are doing. What we have in common is that we all live in Blewbury and all want the best for our village.

Steering Group members

Dermot Mathias (Chair)
Ian Bacon (Deputy Chair)
Nick Chancellor
Eric Eisenhandler
Richard Farrell
Vanessa Fox
Joe Goyder
Angela Hoy
Lydia Inglis
Miriam Jacobs
Jo Lakeland
Mike Marshall
Helen Mathias
Pat Mattimore
Anne Millman
Alex Musson
John Ogden
Kally Peigne
Charlotte Perry
Gwyn Rees


Hankinson Duckett Associates for the Landscape Character Assessment

Dorian A.T.A. Crone and Dr. Kathryn Davies for the Village Character Assessment

Andrew Maxted, Caroline O’Donnell, Katherine Pearce and David Potter (Vale of White Horse District Council)

Anton Nath (ORCC, now called Community First Oxfordshire)

Dave Chetwyn, Mick Downs and Hannah Barter (Urban Vision Enterprise CIC)


We would like to offer our deepest thanks to Bernard Mattimore for providing us with such spectacular images of our village for use on the website, and to Elphin Lloyd-Jones for his beautiful artwork and logos.

Photos in the Plan: Terry Dunwoody, Eric Eisenhandler, Bernard Mattimore and Gwyn Rees.

A very big ‘thank you’ to the volunteers who helped to distribute and collect the Housing Needs Survey, and to the people who attended focus groups on specialist subject areas.

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