Progress with the Neighbourhood Plan

As part of the legal process, our final draft plan was open for consultation for six weeks on the Vale of White Horse District Council website. We are delighted to say that no negative comments on our proposed policies were received, and at the time of preparing this note (17 August) the Plan is about to be reviewed by an external Examiner.

The Examiner will in particular be checking that our policies are practical and do not conflict with those of the Vale or with national policy. He may require us to make some changes, but all being well this process will be completed by the end of September.

The final hurdle will be a referendum within the village. Provided we receive support for our proposal from a simple majority of those voting, the plan will be “made” and our policies will be incorporated into the planning policies of Vale.

The referendum will be organised by the Vale and we have been warned that it may not be possible for it to happen before late autumn. We will obviously press for an early referendum and keep you informed of progress via the Bulletin, this website, Facebook and the Bulletin’s stop press.

Nearly there!

The Blewbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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