Preparing to submit the Plan

We are currently digesting the feedback from the public consultation period as well as the responses from the statutory bodies. The feedback has been very supportive and there were some helpful, positive suggestions. Based on them, we are doing a bit of fine tuning of the Plan, but no major changes have been proposed. 

Two technical reports also need to be submitted: a summary of how the village has been consulted and a detailed description of how the Plan complies with all the legally required conditions. Work on these is well underway. 

We will submit the final plan and reports to the Vale as soon as we can. Once the Vale has agreed the Plan, they will appoint an independent inspector to carry out a review. 

If there are no unexpected problems, we hope to complete the Plan in the summer or early autumn. The final stage of the process will be a village referendum. Everyone in the village who is on the electoral roll is entitled to vote and, if the Plan is approved by a simple majority of those voting, it will be incorporated into the Vale of White Horse planning policies.

This has been a very long process, and the encouragement and understanding that we have received from the village throughout has really helped to keep us going.

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