Your Comments Please!

During the six-week village consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan we need your comments! It will start on Monday 1st February and end on Monday  14th March 2016.

The full Plan and related materials are available on our consultation page. Printed copies of the Plan will also be available at the Post Office*, school*, pre-school*, surgery, the Melland Room at the Rec., the Benefice Centre, both pubs, Style Acre, Dibleys office* and Ladycroft Park*. You will be able to sign for the copies kept at the starred places* and borrow them for 24 hours.

Everyone in the village will have a chance to review and discuss the proposed Plan, and to offer comments and suggestions. We’ll then update the draft based on your feedback before it is submitted to the Vale of White Horse District Council to be examined.

If you possibly can, come to our public event in the Village Hall on Sunday, 7th February from 2–5 pm.
We’ll have a brief presentation of the Plan at 3 pm with open discussion. There will be posters, and time for plenty of informal questions before and after; come at any time

In the following weeks we will be holding informal events to answer your questions, explain the complex rules that the Plan has to follow, and above all listen to your opinions and suggestions. These informal events will be publicised on our website, Facebook, on posters around the village, and the Bulletin’s “Stop Press” email service.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is available as well, with printed copies available at the places listed above. These cover common themes regarding the Plan and the process we have to go through before approval.

All comments and suggestions regarding the Plan are very welcome! Comments can be made at the public events, via our website, or by filling in a form at the Post Office.

Remember, this is your Plan and it will only be adopted if a majority agree to it in the village referendum after the Vale has examined it, so please take the time to read it and to have your say.

One Comment on “Your Comments Please!

  1. This draft plan is an excellent document, so very well done team. My only observation is about parked cars. The plan suggests new properties should have more parking so that the problem does not get worse. However I think it is already so bad that we should be recommending that something is done to to bring about an improvement. Maybe this is an issue for others to tackle but the plan could articulate villagers views more forcefully.

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