Progress Meeting on 22 Nov. 2015

Posters from the Progress Meeting on Sunday 22 November 2015 

Thanks to everyone for coming out on a cold grey Sunday afternoon, and for the lively interest and discussion. Here are links to the material that was displayed:

The full Landscape Assessment is available as three pdf files: the main report and its appendices, an interesting set of maps, and photographs illustrating the different areas that were assessed. For a quick summary start at page 11.

For the Housing Needs Survey, you can download the full results as well as a short summary of the hundreds of comments people wrote for the open-ended questions.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

2 Comments on “Progress Meeting on 22 Nov. 2015

  1. It was an interesting meeting and well organised but I have one serious concern. On your plan, land along Bessels Way (by the allotments) is allocated as “low” likelihood of being built on.
    The houses and bungalows across the road from this land are lower than the road and the site. Any development would be very overpowering and would block their view of Blewburton which the occupiers value highly. I quite understand there will probably be houses between Whites Orchard and the stables eventually but feel the development I refer to will be a “step too far” for this end of the village.

    • Thank you for this Judy. As you know we are in the process of finalising our policies which we will then need to clear with the Vale. Our hope is to have a policy which precludes development outside the built area and if this is accepted it would make it very difficult to get planning permission east of Bessels Way.

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