Progress, Consultation and Public Events

The Neighbourhood Plan is now progressing quickly. The first full draft will be ready for the official six-week village consultation process that begins on Monday, 9th November (note that this is a week later than previously announced). This period will allow all villagers the chance to review the proposed Plan and to offer comments and feedback on the proposed policies before it is submitted to the Vale of White Horse Council.

As well as holding a formal event in the Village Hall on Sunday, 22nd November afternoon to present the draft Plan and allow for open discussion relating to it, printed copies of the Plan will also be available at a number of accessible village locations to allow those without access to this website to see the document. Feedback is strongly encouraged and very welcome, at the main event or at informal discussion events (full details to be announced in mid-October), via the website, or in person to members of the Plan’s Steering Group. We will also be adding a ‘frequently asked questions’ page to the website, to try and deal with common themes that are raised regarding the Plan and the process it must go through.

The Steering Group has been working on the Plan since the launch meeting, and we have been receiving assistance in going through this complex and legalistic process from the Vale of White Horse and external consultants. They have been very encouraging in their feedback on the work done to date.

Remember, this is your Plan and it will only be adopted if a majority agree to it in a village referendum, so please take the time to read it from 2nd November and have your say.

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