How to Fill Out the Kler Leaflet & Current Info on the BNDP Survey

How to Fill Out the Kler Leaflet and info on the BNDP Survey

Our survey and research expert Anne Millman on the BNDP team has put together some helpful advice and info:

The Village Survey

* All of the volunteers have received their bundles now, and some have
already distributed theirs; others will do so over the next few days
* The volunteers will advise that the Village Survey is completely
different to the Kler Group leaflet (I wouldn’t grace it with the term
survey) and the timing is purely coincidental
* There is room in the Village Survey to provide any other comments – at
Question 30, and then a blank page at the back, so people are welcome to
record their views about the Kler leaflet there

The Kler Leaflet

* nobody has to fill the Kler leaflet in if they don’t want to
* the questions are indeed biased and will therefore not stand
scrutiny as professional, objective research
* if people do want to respond, then ‘not applicable’ can be used in
the biased questions 2 and 3, and they can then add their views in question
* if people do want to respond and have access to a copier it would be
great to have copies of their replies so we can have responses on our own
file, and challenge any misrepresentation of findings

Any queries, just contact us via this website or leave comments below.

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