Comments on Blewbury now and in the future

The Blewbury Neighbourhood Plan launch event on 8 March 2014 was fantastically supported, with over 240 people attending the afternoon or evening sessions. We have now had a chance to analyse the feedback from the launch event. A full compilation of the comments collected may be found here (pdf).

We gathered further feedback at the Green May Fair on 10 May. In early autumn we will be doing a survey covering every household in the village.

Summarised briefly, and in no particular order:

  1.  We greatly value the sense of community in our village.
  2. We appreciate the wide variety of people from a wide range of socio-demographic backgrounds living here, and we want to maintain this diversity.
  3.  Our community identity is influenced by size and shape of the village.
  4.  A number of frustrations also came to light, including transport, parking and particularly drainage.
  5.  There are divergent views on best types of sites for new development – ranging from the edge of village to in-fill sites.
  6.  We appreciate and want to preserve our remaining village shops, and potentially make more out of some of these locations.
  7.  We love our footpaths!
  8.  There are two camps in the street lights debate, with the majority wanting to remain in the dark!
  9.  We want to provide more housing suitable for the elderly within the village.

Please make sure you have your say – whether in the household survey, or at any time via the Your Comments section of the website.

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