Neighbourhood Plan Area Approved!

We  are on our way!

We have reached the second milestone on our route to a complete Neighbourhood Plan. If you look at the Roadmap page you will see we have reached the second flag: “Neighbourhood Area”.

It all takes a long while. There are many formalities to go through – on November 25th last year Blewbury Parish Council requested that “the Vale of White Horse District Council designates the area contained within the parish boundary of Blewbury as a Neighbourhood Plan area as provided for by the Localism Act 2012.”

And on March 10th this year the senior planning officer for VWHDC wrote to our Parish Council to tell them “I am pleased to inform you that the Blewbury area designation, as submitted 26 November 2013, was approved by the Vale of White Horse District Council Cabinet Member on 28 February 2014.

You can read the application and replies either on the VWHDC  website Blewbury Neighbourhood Plan page, or read/download them below:

(All pdf files open in new windows. You can download them onto your computer if you want to keep a copy)

Blewbury Neighbourhood Planning Application

Blewbury NDP publication report

Letter of confirmation for area designation

Blewbury Area Consultation Plan

Map of the entire Neighbourhood Plan area:

Click on the image to see it full size
(opens in a new window).

blewbury neighbourhood plan area map

BNDP area map



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